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About US

Chilla Riddle

Sales Representative, Real Estate Advisor, Author

At some point in my life I thought I would stay and work for the airline forever. However the corporate world became too restrictive. My personality loves the freedom to think outside the box and make things happen. One day during the sale of my own home my entrepreneurial spirit discovered a passion for real estate. As my creative side took over I  learned how to become a great negotiator. These skills gave me the power to excel in the industry. I love every minute of this fabulous career. It has taught me so many great things. I thrive on connecting with people from all over the world…..Enough about me.

Jim Gesang

Real Estate Broker

At some stage in my career I felt stifled.  After fifteen years of working at the corporate world in sales and marketing, the awards were no longer all that exciting. Friends and acquaintances were suggesting the real estate field to me. They recognized my entrepreneurial side a few years before I did. My thoughts turned to the best advice I was given when the company laid me off. Right there I vowed to never work for anyone again. I’ve never looked back! I fell in love with real estate. It still remains and always will be the priority in my life. But let’s not tell Chilla to what extent! Although I think she suspects these things!

10 Things You Would Not Have Guessed About Us

  • I am the middle child, with a brother on each side. While Jim is the only child.
  • We both re-charge by reading books, working out, going for walks, travelling and cooking.
  • An accomplished author of two real estate  books, I do love to write and currently, in my spare time, I aspire to write my first novel.
  • In the kitchen we are foodies who prefer the goodness of all things natural, and enjoy a good wine with our meal. As for me I’d happily give up a glass of red wine for an authentic Italian cappuccino.
  • You will find us strolling along to our favourite restaurant but before we get there we will stop, listen to a street musician and give a very generous tip.
  • Jim’s passion for music is undeniable and being a fabulous guitar player for many years, he often serenades me with the most beautiful songs. Talk about being a lucky woman!
  • In my other spare time you will find me taking piano lessons from a wonderful young teacher.
  • While going through difficult life challenges I took yoga classes. It helped so many aspects of my life, it led me to become a certified yoga teacher.
  • Using the skills I learned throughout my journey as a successful award winning real estate agent I felt the need to give back to others. I became a life coach and real estate trainer. To this day I continue to mentor those who call on me.
  • An avid supporter of all real estate matters Jim’s  passion for people and the industry can be felt the moment you meet him.
  • We are proud recognized award winners under the Engle and Volkers world wide umbrella. We belong to the team of Engel and Volkers Toronto Central Brokerage. Our offices are located at Shops of Don Mills,110 Avenue Rd as well as Collingwood and Muskoka.